How to Test an Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet? (8 Easy Tips)

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Are you searching for the methods to test an auto-darkening welding helmet? Are you a welder user and want to bypass ultraviolet rays? You will be astonished to see the working of an auto-darkening helmet.

In general,

We suppose you think that testing an auto-darkening welding helmet is quite an easy job.

We hope our assumption is right.

But, the main question to discuss is how to test an auto-darkening welding helmet. Actually, the main purpose behind the purchase of an auto-darkening welding helmet is nothing but safety. The market is expanding day by day to provide you with enhanced safety with technology.

When we deal with the welding machine, the auto-darkening welding helmet becomes important.

We know!

You are at this post because you are looking for safety and yes, these specific helmets are here to provide you with enhanced protection.

Let’s discuss how this testing can be done…

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8 Tips To Test Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

How to Test an Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet? (8 Easy Tips)

According to experts, never rely on the safety promise offered by the company. Make sure the safety by checking some additional steps.

Safety certification

Everyone knows the welding helmet has been designed to keep your eyes and skin safe from harmful rays. So, when purchasing this helmet check the safety certification. It should fulfill the industrial standards for safety.

Keep in mind,

A good auto-darkening welding helmet should happily filter the infrared rays in addition to UV protection. Moreover, it should be strong enough to endure thermal stress specifically from 22 F to 131 F.

Movable shade lens

Keep an eye on whether the shade lens is adjustable or not. As welders, we have to deal with multiple types of metals, in addition to welding types. The required AMP gets altered according to the demand.

Have you ever think what makes an adjustable lens too critical?

With multiple shades for the lens, the filter can be adjusted for different brightness peaks. So, this practice ensures enhanced vision and details of the working area.

Expended visibility

Check for optical clarity. This is important for non-stop work. Have you ever supposed the work with less visibility? Certainly not. No one can either.


After wearing the helmet the visibility should not be affected. So, ensure this feature for accurate testing.

Sun response

How does your helmet lens respond in bright sunlight? Keep in mind, when the lens successfully works in the sun, it can be a good choice. So, put the helmet with the head outside. Keep the face towards the sun.


Notice the reaction to the lens to the sun’s rays. The more the darkness, the higher the reactivity is. At the very next step, put your hands very slowly in front of your face.

During hand movement, the color should remain dark. Otherwise, try to replace your helmet quickly.

Check weight

Easy usage demands greater attraction while the helmet is present at your head. You must grab a product with a lighter weight in order to feel comfortable. Besides, it is easy to carry the helmet as well. The extra burden might affect your results.


Ensure less strain over your head and neck by choosing the lightest of all. On the dark side, a heavy helmet would lead you towards fatigue followed by reduced work quality.

Check battery

The main power source of the battery may be a non-replaceable or manually-replaceable battery. Amazingly, both are efficient to manage solar power. The main thing is that the battery should be according to your need.

According to experts, try to prefer replaceable batteries to ensure durability. They would be convenient for sure.

Check sensitivity level

For auto-darkening helmets consider sensitivity as a critical feature. Moreover, the filtering of the lens can be ensured by this process. So, the considered helmet should come with adjustable sensitivity.

Delay control

The helmet may be encountered by the sudden flashing. Bring a helmet with delay control and don’t worry about this issue.

Less flashing keeps your eyes safe from harmful rays by changing the lens appearance darker. So, save the vision and ensure accurate welding.

Final verdict

We have mentioned the way to test an Auto-darkening welding helmet. The main purpose behind this discussion is to aid in getting perfect safety for your skin and eye.

Be happy!

It’s time to say goodbye to irritation and other diverse issues produced by harmful rays. With all these features, always keep in check the quality. So, a good trick is to fix a good budget for an auto-darkening welding helmet.

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