In 2015, for the disclosure compliance maintenance, the federal trade commission announced their own new rules.

These Rules are set to ensure all the things about website content. It is also stated in the rules that the reader must know whether the content publisher is earning money by-product and link sharing.

In consent with the FTC guidelines please read the following points about the affiliate links and posts on my sites.

All the links provided on the are the amazon affiliate one. I will earn a small commission whenever a reader buys something from that link.

What Are Affiliate Links?

The external affiliate company links are used on the website and readers can purchase the products by clicking on these links. When a reader clicks on the link provided on Best tig welder he/ she can purchase that product without any change in its price.

The affiliate companies like the amazon pay a small commission to increase their website worth and in bringing more customers.

It does not matter from where you purchase the product through the official website or affiliate link the prices of products will remain the same as their official price.

Buying through the affiliate link or non-affiliate link does not cause any change in the product price.

Best Tig Welder uses two main types of affiliate programs:

1. Amazon affiliate links. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. It is the Amazon affiliate advertising program that is designed and planned as an income source for the website owner. In this program, the website can earn some commission and fee by linking and affiliated sites. Moreover, the owner can also link to other websites that are also affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program.

2. Product affiliate links.

On the website when you click on the given product affiliate link and buy the product then in return of purchase I will commission and some percentage of sales.

One thing I want to make clear here is that there are no extra charges you have to pay if you want to buy through these links. These are pay per click links. You have to pay the only amazon to describe the product price.

What about sponsored content?

On my website, I do not write any type of sponsored posts. I only provide authentic and unbiased information to my users. Moreover, if any company wants to publish its sponsored content on I will clearly mention the company name at the beginning of each post.

The important thing here is that I only refer to the product on a betting welder that I personally use and recommend beloved one friends and family members.

Your purchase will help my research efforts so buy the things from Thank you very much for shopping.