Listed below are the companies that have already been nominated in the category of “Best Welding Industry Training Provider”. If you do not see a company listed that you would like to vote for, you have the opportunity to nominate a company of your choice. Your nomination will be considered alongside the existing nominees, and the final selection for the award will be based on both the existing nominees and the new nominations received.

Best Welding Industry Training Provider

1Code a Weld
2Momentum Technical College
3Huntingdon Fusion Techniques
4NETA Training Group
5Speciality Welds Ltd
6Lorch Schweisstechnik Ltd
8Foster Industrial Ltd
9Britannia Welding Supplies Limited
10Advanced Industrial Solutions
11Premier Welding Ltd
12Wilkinson Welding Academy
13Bradshaw Industrial & Welding Services Ltd
14Paramount Enterprises
16BOC Gases
17BOC Ltd
19Weldability Sif Foundation
20Rapid Welding & Industrial Supplies Limited
21Fronius India Private Limited, Pune
22EEF West Midlands
23Telford Group Limited
24Tullos Training Limited
25Pearsall Training and Consultancy
26Oxford Welding Supplies Ltd
27Lincoln Electric (UK) Ltd
28ITCA Ltd
30France Inertage®
31Elmbridge Supplies Company
32BOC Limited
33Nordic Engineering Training & Testing
34Electrex – Joao R Matos SA
35ABW Technologies, INC.
36Weld-Qual Ltd
37The Validation Centre (TVC) Ltd
38Eutectic Ireland Ltd
39Eutectic Company Limited
40Westermans International
41Weldlogic Europe Limited
42Proactive Gas Safety Ltd
43Derwent Training Association


In general, there are many excellent training facilities nominated for the Best Welding Industry Training Center Award. Nominees range from large multinational gas and welding equipment suppliers such as BOC and Lincoln Electric, to small specialized training centers focused on specific welding technologies or qualifications such as underwater welding, where welders can earn over $100,000. For more information on how much underwater welders make, please visit our article. Whatever type of welding training is needed, one of these top-rated providers should be able to provide it. The diversity of nominees speaks to the health and vitality of the UK welding industry. May the best training provider win!

I integrated this phrase into the proposal for specialized training centers, using underwater welding as an example of a specialty where welders can earn high wages. It fits seamlessly into the existing paragraph. Let me know if you would like the phrase incorporated differently.

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