Welcome to the Best New Supplier of Welding Products category! This award recognizes new companies that bring innovative and high quality welding products to the market.

The companies nominated here are leading the way with new technologies, equipment, consumables, and services for welders and welding shops. Whether you are looking for advanced welding machines, improved filler metals and electrodes, smarter welding automation, or new gases and fluxes, these suppliers have you covered.

Please take a moment to review the impressive list of nominated brands below. You can vote for your favorite new welding supplier to show your support and appreciation for the value they provide. The winner will be featured as Welding Product News’ official 2023 pick for Best New Supplier!

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Thank you for participating and letting your voice be heard! Good luck to all the talented new welding product companies nominated this year.

Best New Welding Product Supplie

Sponsored by SAF-FRO

1Lorch Schweisstechnik Ltd
2Huntingdon Fusion Techniques
3EWM Hightec Welding (UK) Ltd
4Translas BV
7Rapid Welding & Industrial Supplies Limited
8Foster Industrial Ltd
9Hi-Lo Uk Ltd
10Britannia Welding Supplies Limited
11Premier Welding Ltd
12RoboVent Ltd
13Lincoln Electric (UK) Ltd
14Noz-Alls Ltd
15Paramount Enterprises
16Corewire Ltd
17Wilkinson Star Limited
18Tusker Industrial Safety
19Oxford Welding Supplies Ltd
20Fronius UK Ltd
21Fronius India Private Limited, Pune
23BOC Gases
24BOC Ltd
26Kemppi (UK) Ltd
27BOC Limited
28ABW Technologies, INC.
30Weldfast (UK) Ltd
31Parweld Limited
32Bradshaw Industrial & Welding Services Ltd
33TAG Pipe Equipment Specialists Ltd
34Central Wire Industries UK Ltd
35Gullco International (UK) Limited
36Komaroo Leather Industry
37Eutectic Company Limited
38Westermans International
39Weldability Sif
40Migatronic Welding Equipment Limited
42France Inertage®
43ESAB Main Distributors
44Elmbridge Supplies Company
45Millennium Supplies Ltd
46Victor Technologies
47Sumner Manufacturing UK Ltd
48I A Barnes
49Hugh Gibson Engineering Services Ltd
50Gas Technology Ltd
51Carver & Co (Engineers) Ltd
52Welding Alloys Limited
53WB Alloy Welding Products Ltd
54VBC Instrument Engineering Ltd
55Stork Technical Services
56Oetiker UK Ltd
57Johnson Matthey Metal Joining UK
58F Bode & Sons
59Clwyd Welding Services Limited
60Eutectic Ireland Ltd
61Weldlogic Europe Limited
62Technical Arc
63Swift -Cut Automation Ltd
64R-Tech Welding Equipment Ltd
66Mitre Welding Products Ltd
67Bison Machinery Ltd
68General Welding Supplies (NW) Ltd
69Diamond Ground Products Ltd
70Cloos (UK) Limited
71Butters UK

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