Eastwood MIG 180 Welder Review & Guide (2024)

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Opting for a 120V welder is an excellent decision for smaller workshops or enthusiasts. Whether you run a compact welding business or pursue welding as a hobby, the need for increased power and the capability to weld thicker materials becomes essential. With the flexibility to elevate your voltage to 240V, the Eastwood MIG 180 perfectly caters to these requirements, offering a seamless transition without compromising on the ability to weld thinner stocks.

The recently introduced and budget-friendly Eastwood MIG 180 is poised to supersede its predecessor, the Eastwood MIG 175. While retaining the best features of the MIG 175, the MIG 180 introduces enhancements that elevate its overall appeal.

This MIG welding powerhouse, equipped with IGBT inverter technology and dual voltage capabilities, is a relatively new entrant to the market. Fear not, as I’ve conducted thorough research and compiled a comprehensive summary to provide you with all the essential details.

Eastwood MIG 180 Welder Review

Eastwood MIG 180 Welder Review & Guide (2024)

Key Features

VoltageDual Voltage – Operates on both 110V and 220V for maximum usability.
Material CapabilityWelds mild and stainless steel (24 gauge to 5/16″), aluminum (14 gauge to 1/4″). Can weld 3/16″ steel on 120V.
WeightLightweight at less than 26 lbs, making it portable and easy to transport.
Welding Range30-180 amp welding range using the latest IGBT inverter technology.
Wire CompatibilityUses .023 – .035 wire in 4″ and 8″ spools. Metal drive motor for smooth operation.
Operational Modes2T/4T modes for comfort during long welds, Tack Weld setting for consistency with sheet metal projects.
Brand QualityEastwood is known for quality, with in-house product design, development, testing, and a strong track record of high-quality, innovative products.
Safety RequirementsApproved safety glasses, welding helmet, appropriate footwear, and protective leather welding gloves are necessary.
WarrantyComes with a 3-year limited warranty and a 90-day return policy. Eastwood has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee since 1978.
Customer RatingsRated 4.6 out of 5 stars based on 71 customer reviews.
Price$539.99 for the 180 Amp MIG Welder.
Additional AccessoriesSpool Gun available separately or with the MIG 180.
  • Dual Voltage: Operates on both 110V and 220V for versatile use.
  • Portable: Lightweight at less than 26 lbs, enhancing portability.
  • Welding Range: 30-180 amp welding range suitable for various applications.
  • IGBT Inverter Technology: Incorporates the latest IGBT inverter technology for efficient welding.
  • Metal Drive Motor: Provides smooth operation and supports .023 – .035 wire in 4″ and 8″ spools.
  • Modes and Settings: Features 2T/4T modes for comfort during long welds and Tack Weld setting for sheet metal projects.
  • Eastwood Quality: Backed by Eastwood’s reputation for high-quality, innovative products.
  • Safety Features: Emphasizes safety with requirements like safety glasses, welding helmet, and protective gloves.
  • Warranty: Comes with a 3-year limited warranty and 90-day return policy.
  • Price: Relatively high cost compared to some alternatives.
  • Spool Gun: Spool gun for aluminum welding is available separately or with the MIG 180, adding to the overall cost.
  • Limited Thickness: Limited thickness capability on 120V (3/16″).
  • Separate Purchases: Some essential accessories like a spool gun need to be purchased separately.

 Stock Thickness 

Eastwood recommends this welding machine for metal fabrication and auto restoration. If you have the funds and plan to work with thicker stock than 5/16 inches often, you might consider purchasing a stronger welder that can handle thicker material.


The box contains enough consumables to get you started (2 lb. A roll of wire, 3 contact tips, and 1 nozzle are all included in the box. If you want to do serious welding, you will need more.

Consider adding any consumables to the initial order. Don’t forget to order a gas bottle.

 MIG Welding Aluminum 

This chart shows the settings for MIG welding aluminum from 17 ga. up to 1/8 in. This may encourage you to MIG-weld aluminum.

If you are going to work with aluminum frequently, the spool guns package is for you. It’s worth the effort to avoid tangled wire and birdnesting.

Eastwood MIG 180 Vs MIG 175 – What’s Changed?

FeatureEastwood MIG 175Eastwood MIG 180
Power Input240VDual Voltage: 120V/240V
Inverter TechnologyNoYes (IGBT-based)
WeightHeavierLighter and more compact
Duty CycleShorterLonger
Metal Wire Housing MechanismBasicImproved for durability and control
Control Panel FeaturesStandardSpool gun switch and toolless polarity change for convenience
VersatilityLimited to 240VCan run on both 120V and 240V

The IGBT inverter-based technology, which replaced the older transformers, has made the most important change. The unit is now lighter and more compact. The MIG 180 can now run on either 120V or 240V input power. It also has a longer duty cycle.

The metal wire housing mechanism provides durability and more control options. The convenience features, such as the spool gun switch on your control panel and toolless polarity change, make it easier to use the welder. Below is a table that summarizes the significant differences between MIG 175 & MIG 180.

Things That Make The Eastwood MIG 180 Great

 IGBT Tech 

IGBT inverter technology is used to make the MIG 180 lighter. Its inverters produce a smooth and user-friendly arc. This welder can run on a generator (minimum 10 KW).

 Dual Power Input 

The MIG 175 was powered by 240V. However, the MIG 180 can be run on 120V and 240V. You have more options for plugging in, which allows you to be more flexible in where and how you use your welder.


The MIG 180 is just 25 lbs. and weighs a fraction of what welders who use transformers.

This welder is ideal if you need to move your welder frequently. The top of the unit even has a hand-friendly feature.

 Tack Mode 

Frequent tack welding can cause damage to components of a welder and can also be very stressful for the operator. It can also be difficult to get the timing right, which results in varying tack welding quality.

The 180 also includes a “timed” tack mode that allows you to make consistent tacks. With less effort, the 180 produces a steady 1/2 second long tack welding with less demand on the internals of your welder.

 2T Or 4T Modes 

Your trigger finger can become tired from long welds, and standard 2T operation can cause your hand to get very hot.

With 4T, you simply pull the trigger and then let go to weld. Then you can move your hand back to weld. To stop, pull the trigger and release it again.

This feature isn’t expected of welders in this price range. Eastwood added 4T to the MIG 180 and it is a great tool for anyone who does long welds, whether they are novice or expert. You can find more information about the 4T and its features here.

 Control Panel 

The control panel is clean and easy to use. The front panel is occupied by two knobs and two buttons that can be used as blisters.

This is it for controls. You can adjust the voltage and WFS with infinite precision using the knobs. The knobs allow for infinite control of the WFS and voltage.

For novice welders, the ease of setting two knobs (as shown on the settings chart) will be a great benefit. It doesn’t get any easier.

The MIG 180 is the MIG torch or spool gun. The second button allows you to select between the 2T, 4T, or tack modes of operation.

 Indicator lights 

An old MIG 175 had a lighted power switch that let you know when the unit was turned on. The unit also came with an overload light that lets you know when it is overheating.

These lights are still present on the MIG 180, but the lighted power switch can now be found at the back. The control panel now features a separate green power-on light to let you know that the power is on.

The panel also features a high-temperature light that will turn red if you exceed the duty cycle.

To identify your selection, the blister buttons use indicator lights. This makes it easy to view your selections without having to open the wiring compartment. It is easy to see the wires from a distance.


The MIG 180’s price is comparable to other dual voltage welders of the same performance.

It actually costs less and offers more features. You might think this is exaggerated. Check the prices. This welder is affordable and accessible to a larger audience.

 Bundle of Optional Spool Guns 

The MIG 175 was not available without the spool gun, which added some cost. Eastwood now offers the MIG 180 with and without a spool gun. If you don’t need to weld aluminum, this reduces the cost of the welder.

The bundle will save you money. You will actually save more money if you buy the bundle than if you purchase a competitor welder without the spool guns. The spool gun can be used with the MIG 180 if you already have the MIG 175.

 Tweco Style Torch 

The MIG 180 comes with a Tweco-style torch. You can find parts almost anywhere.

This includes big-box stores that are available after hours or when it is difficult to find a local welding supply shop

 Toolless Polarity Switches 

Eastwood made it easy to switch polarity on the MIG 180 for gasless welding.

You can simply unplug the gun cable and ground cable from the front of your machine and then swap them in the positive and negative sockets.

There are no difficult-to-reach bolts or tools. You can also see the front of your machine to check the polarity setting. No need to open the wire compartment doors.

You may also check out the Best TIG Welders.

Things that can still be improved Leads

Eastwood provides leads that are less than 10 feet long on the MIG 180. This can be annoying for some users, and some may decide to replace the leads or modify them.

We don’t like being excluded from welding in difficult-to-reach places or anywhere else that requires longer leads.

 Wire Spools 

You can only use 11-pound rolls of wire. The 8-inch rolls may weigh more than that, so the wire spool should be strong enough to handle the heavier rolls.

 Flux-Cored Drive Roller 

Eastwood suggests that flux-cored wire be used in the smallest groove of the roller. This roller has smooth grooves that can be used for solid wire. These are not suitable for soft, flux-cored wire.

Eastwood confirmed that the MIG 180 does not have a knurled roll. This may pose a problem for outdoor welders or anyone else who needs to use a shielding gas. It will be interesting to see if the smallest, most smooth groove is enough.

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