Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD Review & Ultimate Guide (2024)

Best WeldPro is a famous name that has beaten its competitors with advanced features. Plus, the technology used by this brand is also very competitive. WeldPro is not a very old name, but it has gained attention in a very limited time.


The welder of our choice to explore is TIG 200GD. It comes with all the necessary features that make it a good option. Thus, you would be amazed by knowing that it holds multiple types of welding.

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Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD Review

Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD Review & Ultimate Guide (2024)

Weldpro Manufacturers

WeldPro is a US-based company that supplies welders and related accessories. Moreover, it also provides a plasma cutter and other similar items. The company offers the Best TIG Welders Under $800 to an expensive price range. In addition, its broad category offers welders both professionals and beginners.

Design and Appearance

With CK torch 2020 style, this welding machine is yellow and black in appearance. The digital screen with the necessary knob and buttons allows you to manage the settings. In addition, the whole body is made of steel which makes a total weight of 53.3 pounds.

Welding Type

When it comes to capabilities, this welder stays at first. Amazingly, it happily offers you multiple types of welding. In addition to flux core welding, you can carry out stick welding, lift TIG welding, and MIG welding.

Thus, this feature not only makes it versatile but also unique from its competitors. A good point to notice is that this welding machine is active in welding aluminum by simple customization.

Additional features

WeldPro digital TIG 200GD comes with some more hot features. So, these are as follows;

  • Can produce MMA stick welding
  • The pulse s fully customizable
  • Comes with a Superflex torch
  • Comes with a foot pedal
  • Comes with a hot start

Key Specifications

Key FeatureDescription
Amp RangeTIG: 5-200A Stick: 20-180A
Voltage220 volts and 110 volts
AC/DC CapabilitySupports both AC and DC welding
Pulse WeldingFully adjustable pulse parameters for optimized welding
AC Balance ControlAdjustable AC balance from 30-70%
AC Frequency ControlAdjustable AC frequency from 40-200Hz
2T/4T Trigger ModeSelect between 2-step and 4-step trigger operation
Advanced ControlsStart/end amps, upslope, downslope and other advanced controls
Portable and LightweightWeighs just 31 lbs for portability
3 Year WarrantyIncludes full 3 year warranty for peace of mind
Weight53.3 pounds
StyleCK torch 2020


¼ inch thickness of mild steel can be weld with this digital welder. The voltage need for this welder is 220 volts. A good point to note is that this welding machine is specifically instrumental in weld two different metals according to requirements.

  • Powerful (200A)
  • Feature-packed
  • Adjustable settings
  • Lightweight/portable
  • Dual voltage
  • Affordable
  • 3-year warranty
  • No lift start
  • Bulkier torch
  • No Dinse connector

Off-Brand Surprise – This Sub $1k TIG Box Throws Down!

Now I ain’t usually one to go for these off-brand boxes, bein’ a loyal Lincoln and Miller guy myself. But times is tight and a friend turned me onto this whip, so I had to give her a whirl.

Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD Review & Ultimate Guide (2024)

Soon as I cracked open that box I could tell they didn’t skimp on the accessories. Torch, pedal and leads all looked cherry. I slapped that puppy together to take ‘er for a spin and damn if that high frequency didn’t fire right up smooth as buttah!

Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD Review & Ultimate Guide (2024)

Layin’ some beads with the DC, this sweetheart sang like a canary. Nice tight arc even on some grungy steel. Then I flipped her to AC and welded up some old crusty aluminum and I’ll be dipped if it wasn’t almost as slick as them high dollar Syncrowaves the airline has! For the dead presidents, ya can’t beat it!

Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD Review & Ultimate Guide (2024)

Only thing I didn’t care for was how they got that torch hooked up. Some dang screw-on plug, like out an old Record player! No DINSE or nothin’. So I’ll definitely 86 that noise. Other’n ‘that, I got no beef with this machine. She welds cherry as all get out. Once I get her dialed in, me and this baby gonna dance all night long!

Video review


Adorn your welding place with this model of Weldoro that holds inverter technology in it. The main function of this touch is to provide advanced functions. Hence, suitability is always present for advancement.

So, you do not need to worry about its weight and size. Actually, PWM technology works with an IGBT circuit to ensure a compact size and the least weight.


So, are you impressed with this strategy? Compare this unit to a similar model and you would find it 30 percent more efficient. Besides, electronic circuitry performs its role to offer you a vast variety of settings in a single machine.

Thus, you are ready to inspire everyone in the world of welding.

Further, the other great features,

You know, it performs Stick and TIG welding. Thus, this dual capacity makes it a versatile unit. Exploring its efficiency says that at full amperage, DC TIG offers 40 percent, while AC TIG offers a 60 percent duty cycle.

Dual Voltage

This news would amaze you that this machine has the elaborated capacity to work with both AC and DC current. In addition, it works with a dual voltage that includes 110 volts and 220 volts.

We know,

You are thinking about what type of current you should use for a diverse variety of metals. In fact, to deal with stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, and other metals, you are required to use DC current.

In the very next instant, when dealing with aluminum or aluminum alloys are required, just switch to AC welding.

All in all,

The mentioned TIG welding machine is good to use and offers dual functions to work as one in all.


So, this model of WeldPro comes with multiple secondary accessories. These include a flow meter, power adapter, foot pedal, and gas hose. In addition, it supplies a trigger button, torch securing sheet, ground clamp, electrode holder, connectors, and nozzles of numbers 4, 5, and 6.

Final Verdict

So, we have discussed a quick review on Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD Welder. No doubt, this brand is not too old, but it provides a large variety of features. Therefore, the manufacturers have done their best to make it a very good unit.


From usage to results, every service is fantastic. But, you should have knowledge about its proper usage. It is necessary for flawless results. Therefore, you can have some tips and practice from professionals.

It is possible that your trainer is using a different brand. On the other hand, you may like WeldPro. So, the best option is to consult the instruction manual thoroughly.


If you are a beginner, have some practice before going for final work with WeldPro. As a result, our finding says that WeldPro is a trustable welding machine. Professionals can have them for favorite results.

After this point, we hope that you have enough knowledge about this welder. So, you can use it with great ease.


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