Best TIG Welder for Home Use – Reviews + Buying Guide 2024

It’s been said that the right type of tool can make your life a lot easier. By choosing the best TIG welder for home use, you can work efficiently and save a lot of time.

The machine called tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding was earlier known as Gas tungsten arc welding. It mainly works on aluminum, copper, magnesium, and stainless steel—the tungsten alloys used due to the high melting point of the metal, i.e., 3410 C.

The machine is capable of welding on more types of metals as compared to other welding machines. Its welding process is rather environmentally friendly as it produces no smoke and gives excellent results.

For the accomplishment of any project, you need the right type of equipment. The good equipment offer number of solutions to problems you may face, and the machine performs perfectly to meet the challenge of solving the issues in the field.

As the world progresses, many good technologies are embedded with new tools that fulfill the demand and provide ease for the users. Many companies produce welder and throw them in the market, everyone claiming that his product is the best with a lot of useful features.

Sometimes, a person not well aware of these features becomes confused and faces difficulty choosing the right type of machine.

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Fast Comparison

Best TIG Welder for Home Use – Reviews + Buying Guide 2024Weldpro Digital 200GD TIG/Stick WelderInput Power: 110V, 220VCurrent Type: AC, DC BothDuty Cycle: 60% on AC, 40% on DCWarranty: 2 yearsWeight: 31.3 lb
Best TIG Welder for Home Use – Reviews + Buying Guide 2024AHP AlphaTIG 200XInput Power: 110V, 220VCurrent Type: AC, DC BothDuty Cycle: 60%Warranty: 3 yearsWeight: 67 PoundsWelds: ¼” aluminum and ⅜” mild steel
Best TIG Welder for Home Use – Reviews + Buying Guide 2024PRIMEWELD TIG225X 225Input Power: 110V, 220VCurrent Type: AC, DC BothDuty Cycle: 40%Warranty: 3 yearsWeight: 41 PoundsWelds: ¼” Aluminum and ⅜” mild steel
Best TIG Welder for Home Use – Reviews + Buying Guide 2024Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG 165i AC/DC TIG WelderInput Power: 230VCurrent Type: AC, DC BothDuty Cycle: 20%Weight: 50 lbsWelds: Aluminum, stainless steel from 22 gauge to 3/16 inches
Best TIG Welder for Home Use – Reviews + Buying Guide 2024Eastwood TIG 200 AC/DC 20565 WelderInput Power: 110V, 220VCurrent Type: AC, DC BothDuty Cycle: 60%Warranty: 3 yearsWeight: 45lbs

List of Best TIG Welders For Home Use

Don’t worry!

We are here for you; we will present the top welders for various types of metals, i.e., with their characteristics enabling you to select the best one that meets your requirement and fits easily into your budget.

1. Weldpro Digital 200GD TIG/Stick Welder

Best TIG Welder for Home Use – Reviews + Buying Guide 2024

Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD is an inverter-based welding machine equipped with advanced inverter technology and dual voltage acceptance, i.e., 110 V and 220 V.

This Weldpro Digital TIG machine works on both AC and DC, so with this welding machine, you can weld stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, and aluminum efficiently.

The carbon steel chooses the DC while welding the aluminum; you can switch to the AC.

  • Dual voltage
  • Both AC and DC welding
  • Comes with 2 years warranty
  • Welds both steel and aluminum
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The design of this welding machine is very decent. It does not have too many dial knobs, which many other welding machines possess.

The old hand and some of the senior workers liked those knobs, but you will surely like its design too.

This welding machine has a control panel with one dial knob used to adjust the numeric value of various functions that we set while operating the machine.

 In addition to this dial knob, it has some touch buttons for various settings, such as selecting AC DC, MMA TIG, etc., and a digital meter that shows the numeric reading of the functions you currently selected.

Some of the users may find its setting complex, but it’s actually simple, make sure to go through the manual, and you will understand it’s working fully.

Duty cycle

This welder’s duty cycle at DC TIG is 40%, while on AC TIG, it increases from 40% to 60%. It is worth mentioning that these statistics of duty cycles are on full amperage.


Safety comes first. This machine is equipped with over current, over-voltage, and overheat protection.

When the welding machine’s temperature exceeds the welding machine’s standard temperature, this machine will automatically turn off. However, excessive use of machines on high voltage may lead to a breakdown.

2. AHP AlphaTIG 200X

Best TIG Welder for Home Use – Reviews + Buying Guide 2024

AHP AlphaTIG 200X is a versatile welding machine that allows users to operate it on two electricity voltages.

The voltage difference can be a hurdle in our welding work, and some areas may not have the required supply of voltage for operating the welding machine.

  • Equipped with IGBT technology
  • Can weld both aluminum and steel
  • Easily works on both 110 V & 120 V
  • Heavyweight
  • Old fashioned design
  • Foot pedal not too good

The AHP AlphaTIG 200X allows you to operate in 110 V or 220 V, depending upon your voltage. So no need to worry about voltage difference when you have AHP AlphaTIG 200X.

It’s not easy to buy separate machines for different welding work like many of us may not afford to have two machines, one for welding steel and the other for welding aluminum.

Here comes the AHP AlphaTIG 200X, which easily fits into this situation by giving the users the freedom to choose either to weld aluminum or steel.

For welding, aluminum chooses AC, while for working on steel, switch over to DC. This machine is capable of welding  ¼” aluminum and ⅜” mild steel.

Furthermore, it is equipped with advanced inverter technology along with PWM and IGBT technology.

This machine is not only a TIG welder but can also be used for stick welding. So enjoy the freedom of using TIG or stick welding, and this machine will not disappoint you.

Let’s talk about its design. It has a simple design that is commonly popular among users.

The machine is equipped with a control panel with a few buttons for different functions, some dial knobs, and a digital meter displaying the amperage.

Every button and dial knob has been clearly labeled so that you won’t get confused with it. However, we still will suggest you once you read the product manual.


Best TIG Welder for Home Use – Reviews + Buying Guide 2024

The PRIMEWELD TIG225X 225 has been designed and produced with a high level of technical expertise.

Its reliability has been ensured by IGBT technology design.

It is a perfect machine to finish your welding job faster and easier as it is in all respect user-friendly.

  • Provided with 3 years warranty
  • Easily works on both AC and DC
  • Can works as TIG and Stick welder both
  • The foot pedal needs to be improved

This machine has a beautiful steel black, mate exterior, which will satisfy your aesthetic senses. The machine has a sturdy bar to carry it conveniently to any work site. Its rubber legs make it safe and secure, and stable.

This is an all-around machine which is handy for professionals as well as the hobbyist. Therefore, professionals, as well as hobbyists, will feel comfortable with the working of this machine.

This machine’s beauty is that it works successfully on AC and DC along with a full range of pulse features. It has switches that control voltage welding options, slope ranges, and 2- touch or 4-touch operations.

The welder has many other useful features and applications and can be used on heavy projects and domestic level works.

Its ventilation system fitted in the heavy-duty box prevents overheating, so there is no need to worry about overheating.

It has prominently marked connectors to prevent wrong, incompatible connecting of wires and is equipped with outstanding inverter technology. The machine can be used for Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and other thinner metals.

4. Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG 165i AC/DC TIG Welder

Best TIG Welder for Home Use – Reviews + Buying Guide 2024

Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG is a decent-looking welding machine that is easy to use for both beginners and experienced ones.

It accepts both AC and DC, so the need for separate welding machines vanishes here.

To weld the aluminum selects AC, and for stainless steel, steel, and chronology, select DC.

This welding machine is capable of welding Aluminum, stainless steel from 22 gauge to 3/16 inches.

  • Fan-On-Demand feature
  • Infinite amperage control
  • Can easily weld aluminum and stainless steel
  • Not good for the heavy-duty project

It works on a single voltage, i.e., 230 V, so some of the users may have an issue, as it only works on 230 V. However, it performs a great job in welding work.

It is durable as high-quality material has been used in its manufacturing. Its infinite amperage control facilitates comfortable working on various levels of thickness and grade of metals.

The Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG possesses a unique feature, i.e., fan on demand. How is this feature helpful?

It automatically turns on the fan when needed, so you need not worry about the machine’s rising temperature. The fan will cool it down. This fan also helps to clear the debris and dust which the unit sucks in.

5. Eastwood TIG 200 AC/DC 20565 Welder

Best TIG Welder for Home Use – Reviews + Buying Guide 2024

Eastwood TIG 200 is a powerful and versatile welding machine that possesses dual 120 V and 240 V input power.

It also has a 60% duty cycle at 190 amps.

It is equipped with a WP-17 torch frame and a 12-feet connection, which meets an industry standard’s requirement.

It works on AC and DC comfortably as it comes with 240V/120V adapter cord so switching the machine between AC and DC is very easy.

  • Good duty cycle
  • Dual voltage accepter
  • Perform well on both AC and DC
  • Build quality not too impressive

It has the feature of regulating the pre-flow and past flow of the gas to place the screen before and after the machine’s operation

. Due to its powerful capacities, it is usually used by automobile workshops for repairing and painting. It efficiently performs metalwork and works on metal sheets and .25 inch thick steel with good results.

How to Choose Best TIG Welder for Home: Buyer’s Guide

1. Amperage

The amperage is vital to the welder machine, which must be considered while selecting the buying machine. The amperage is a unit to measure the power consumption of an electric welder.

Through this unit, you learn about the amount of current your machine consumes. Another factor that is also important and correlated to the power is a range; the wider the range of the power, the larger the option will be available.

The amperage influences the melt-off rate and the piercing depth of your machine. The high rate of amperage will facilitate deep penetration coupled with more substance.

In contrast, the lower rate amperage will use a maximum of the material and pierce into the superficial level.

The various metal requires a different level of heat. It is appropriate to have a high level of heat for steel.  A 100 amp welding machine can work on 0.1 inches steel.

Similarly, a 250 amp machine can weld metal with a thickness of 0.25 inches. It is interesting to note that you need more amperage to work on aluminum and copper as they instantly absorb heat.

2. Input power

The welding machine will work by the input power. The welder with high input power will perform heavy-duty work.

In most TIG welding machines, there is a provision for automatic adjustability of AC and DC. But they will not go beyond their maximum power input.

The tungsten welder machines work within a certain range. You must be aware of the levels of power on which your welder can work without any hassle.

At the same time, you also have a clear idea about the material you will work on. Mostly the welding work is performed on steel and aluminum metals.

The experience shows that high input devices are suitable for thick and dense material, and direct current is required for hard materials like stainless steel.

3. Gears required for welding

The welding during operation produces very high temperatures, which a human being can not tolerate without putting on protective gears. The details about protective equipment are given below.

  • Welding mask: The mask fitted with dark eyeshades safeguards the eyes from burning effects. During a welder’s operation, only wearing goggles is not enough, but a mask is very much needed to save your face skin from burning. The auto-darkening mask allows you to see through it.
  • Welding Gloves: The common gloves usually used for gardening or other works are not sufficient for welding work, so you need welding gloves having a lining of insulation to protect your fingers from burning.
  • Welding jacket: A welding machine while working emits showers of sparks, so you should wear a thick leather jacket to save your skin from burning.
  • Long pants and boots: You are also required to wear long pants of jeans or any thick fabric as well as thick leather boots for protecting your lower body.

4. Current types

The DC (direct current) invariably flows from the welder via electrodes to the workpiece and vice versa.

While AC (alternating current) quickly moves between polarities at the rate of 60 to 120 times per second. DC is suitable for stainless steel and iron, while AC is appropriate for Aluminum.

5. Duty cycle

The duty cycle is the period of time during which the machine works without any pause. It is commonly denoted by the ratio of the percentage of active working of the machine. 

For instance, a TIG welder with a 30% duty cycle can be used for 3 minutes without stopping, and it needs 7 minutes of cooling time.

Every TG welder is provided with a particular duty cycle, indicating how much time it will work continuously. According to general standards, an electric power welder should work continuously for 10 minutes.

 For commercial work and working on the hard and dense metal, you may select DC machines. However, DIY works or home uses machines with low duty and work without any issues.

It is worth mentioning that welding machines’ nonstop working may lead to overcurrent or overheating and damage to the power source or machine.

6. Portability

The welding machines are mostly not stationary and must be moved on, depending on the work’s nature.

Therefore weight, which mainly of a transformer, determines the machine’s portability; the lighter-weight machines, usually compact in size, are easily moveable for performing different varieties of jobs.

But its power output is low. So you have to consider the machines according to the nature of the job you mostly perform and then consider the factor of portability.

Although not easy to shift, the heavy-duty machines can be moved with proper trollies or can be operated with long wires connected to the power source without facing the hassle of frequent movement.

However, sometimes even lightweight machines can not be moved due to their shaky handle, which breaks down in the movement.

So you have strong and sturdy handles for light machines for carrying them safely to the worksite. If the machines are heavy and need them to move, never tow them improperly as it will damage the machine.

7. Digital display and Automation

The welder machines demand proper attention and concentration during operation.

In such a situation, digitization facilitates you a lot as the screen displays important information about voltage, power, etc. it will help the user to operate the machine more perfectly and accurately.

The digital information is more important for the novice as it gives an indication about overheating and also switches off the machine before overheating causes any damage.

There are also some machines which are equipped with the automatic high-temperature adjuster.

8. Foot pedals

Most of the time your both hands are engaged during the operation of the machine. One hand is on the torch while the other on the filler rod. So it would help if you had a foot pedal to control the machine.

In addition to that foot pedal is very handy when the machine is too hot to be touched with hands. It would help if you had foot pedals so adjusted that it’s working may not cause pain or discomfiture to the foot.

Final Words

You have to take into account a lot of features while selecting the new TIG welder for buying.

Among other factors, your final decision for the welding machine’s purchase depends upon your welding requirements and the finances you have allocated for the equipment.

It is also kept in mind the requirement of foot pedals and cooling systems invariably available in the product. Moreover, you are also well aware that the machine can work on various metals as it works efficiently without emitting much of the smoke and leaving stains on the metals to be worked on.

The TIG machine’s quality that it does not produce sparks will enable you to work overhead and congested corners without having the risk of being burnt by sparks.

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