How to Become a Certified Welder (6 Easy Steps)

If you aspire to engage in hands-on metal repairing and building work, then welding emerges as the optimal field for you. The welding industry, a burgeoning sector, encompasses a wide array of opportunities. To embark on a journey toward becoming a certified welder, extensive hands-on practice, educational training, and the acquisition of relevant certificates are imperative. Choosing the BEST WELDING INDUSTRY TRAINING PROVIDER can significantly enhance your skills and proficiency in this dynamic and essential field.

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how to become a certified welder

Welder job description: What does a certified welder do

A welder is a skilled person who joins different parts of metal with perfection. Their work varies with aluminum, steel, stainless steel and brass. There are vast opportunities for welders in various industries like automobile and crafting.

Moreover, they can also have work opportunities in building construction, Shipyards, building air crafts as well as bridges and the manufacturing industry. All industries stand and gain their customer’s attention because of the welder’s excellent and robust work.

Let’s have a look at welder duties.

  • Carefully complete all of the welding projects and make them safe for consumer use.
  • Must follow the safety measure while doing framework.
  • Doing the wedding work must maintain the proper temperature of metal and flame for durable products.
  • Evaluate the final word every time to ensure that it is finished and now safe to use.
  • After usage of equipment, every time must clean all the equipment and store them in its box.
  • A certified welder’s average monthly salary is $40,970 per year.
  • This average hourly wage is $19.70 per hour.
  • Welders who have earned higher certifications and have years of experience may earn up to $47,919.

Average Salary of welder

The salary of welders mostly depends on their working hours and education. Some companies hire welders for full-time jobs. On the other hand, some companies only hire welders to do some occupational repairing work.

Moreover, welders with high education and certificates earn more than welders with low education as well as no certificate.

The national average salary of a welder is $ 17.89 per hour. The welder with high education and certification with their experience can earn more than $48,918.

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Step by Step Guide to becoming a Certified Welder

To become a certified welder, let’s have a look at the below-mentioned points.

1. Research different welding types

Before going into welding, first, spend some time and analyze the different types of welding. Take the one that suits best with your strength and abilities. Evey welding type has its certification and requirements.

The research will help you to choose a more specific welding type in which you can excel your skill in a short period. Besides this all search the job area of each field. This will help you to find an area that matches your interest, and you can enjoy your work.

2. High school diploma

The next thing that you will require to become a certified welder is a high school diploma. There are different schools that offer different types of courses in metal fabrication and welding. To excel in your earnings a welder must take every course related to welding.

For a welder, it is vital that he must know the basics of welding in depth. The more you learn, the more will gain experience and will earn more. All the welding courses are the building foundation for welders. The algebra and geometry courses are beneficial for welders because they have to do calculations and measurements every time.

3. Gain practical experience

Once you complete your education and earn the welding certificate, the next step is to gain some hands-on experience for a better job. The best way to get hands-on experience is an apprenticeship in your selected welding field.

Work as apprentices and gain experience. Complete all your supervisor tasks and learn the skill in depth.

After apprenticeship now it is your own choice whether you want to continue work with the apprenticeship company or want to shift to another company with some experience. You can find a better full-time job in any other big company.

The last and final step is job searching. When you complete all of your education, certificate, and experience, start searching for a good job. Make a good resume with all of your welding skills, welding field, education, and certifications. Apply online for welding jobs.

5. Get a welding certificate

After taking the high school education now take a welding certificate. Most of the elding courses last for 6 months, 18 months, and 2 years. All the courses are taught by practical applications and by taking face-to-face classes. Different courses have different costs.

The cost of cars varies between $3000 to $25000. It depends on you which course you can complete successfully. For course selection, you can also contact the universities and college authorities for better guidance. A welder with some months of experience and knowledge can also get a bachelor’s degree in welding.

6. Welding certificate types

There are different types of welding offered by different institutions. Choose the one that is related to your field and interest.

Have a look at available elding certificates

  • Certified welder
  • Certified welding inspector
  • Senior certified welding inspector
  • Certified welding educator
  • Certified welding sales representative

The costs for all these certificates vary with their rank and education requirement. Select the one according to your interest and field.


In summing up the article we really hope that you will find this article beneficial. After reading the article you will be able to select a welding field according to your interest. Complete your education, earn welding certificates, gain hands-on experience and find a good job. For example, underwater welders can earn a high underwater welding salary due to the dangerous nature of their work.

In this welding industry, you can earn plenty of good money only if you have skills and experience. Always try to learn new welding techniques and excel in your skill in your field. We wish you good luck with your welding carrier.

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