Yeswelder MIG-205DS Multi-Process Welder – Is It Worth the Price

Price can be a significant factor when it comes to adding any new equipment to your workshop. While professional welders can get their work done by adding any expensive multi welder, it is not the case for hobbyists. Unable to find an affordable unit, many are forced to buy the less costly imported welders with compromised quality.

But what if we tell you there is a Multi welder available in the market that offers great versatility and comes at a reasonable price? 

Yes, you heard it right.

Yeswelder MIG-205DS Multi-Process Welder – Is It Worth the Price

Quick Overview of The Yeswelder MIG-205DS

The Yeswelder MIG 205DS is a multi-process welder with a high duty cycle. It is an excellent welding machine for beginners and hobbyists. The control panel of this unit is simple and easy to use. On top of that, it allows you to switch between MIG welding, flux core, and stick welding, and optional DC TIG features with ease.

It is a portable welding unit. It offers both 110V and 220V input voltage. The duty cycle of this unit is 60% 250/220A/225A. Even experienced welders find the duty cycle of this unit to be quite impressive.

It provides an easy arc start and ensures better quality welds. Furthermore, the machine comes with heat overload protection to increase the lifespan of your device.=

If you plan to buy this Yeswelder MIG 205DS multi-welder unit, you can get more information about the machine below.

In this detailed review, you will find more about the capabilities of this unit. 

Take a closer look at all of its features to decide whether it’s worth buying or not.

  • Good machine for beginners
  • Adaptable input power (110V or 220V)
  • MIG, Stick, and flux core welding can be done
  • LCD display
  • Lightweight body, compact design
  • It comes with a carry handle
  • Works well for a wide range of electrodes
  • It can be powered with a generator 
  • Dust cover feature
  • Come with no consumables
  • No chart indicating the weld settings is printed on the machine
  • Foot pedal control is not included 
  • No TIG torch included 
  • It doesn’t come with a gas regulator 
  • Cannot TIG weld aluminum 
  • Some customers got defective pieces. However, the company replaced them on request

 What’s Included

  • 10 foot MIG gun
  • 10-foot Electrode holder with a cable and a connector 
  • 10 foot Ground clamp with a cable and a connector
  • A gas hose
  • Contact tips one of each 0.030” & 0.035”
  • User manual 
  • Brush & chipping hammer
  • Power cable adapter ( 110V – 220V )
  • Thread tape

Technical Specifications

ManufacturerZhenjiang Xingyi Ventilator Electrical Appliance Co. Ltd.
Manufactured inChina
CapabilitiesMIG, Flux Core, Stick, Lift DC TIG
Weight33.4 pounds
Input Voltage110V / 220V
Input Current45A @ 110V, 30A @ 220V
Duty Cycle60% @ 220V and 200A, 100% @ 220V and 154A
Control (Amperage)Preset
Wire Feed Speed ControlPreset
Materials it can weldStainless steel, mild steel, carbon steel
Dimensions14.2 × 7.0 × 18.5 inches (L×W×H)
Spool Gun ReadyNo
Provides Electrode HolderYes
Material Thickness¼ inches (single pass)
Output Current30-205A (MIG) 20-180A (MMA) @ 220V; 30-166A (MIG) 20-146A (MMA) @ 220V
Wire Spool Sizes2 and 20 pound rolls

What to Know Before Buying The MIG-205DS

No Consumables

Yeswelder 250DS doesn’t come with any consumables. Neither the welding wire nor the stick electrodes are included in this purchase. You only get contact tips, one of 0.030” and one of 0.035 “. Excluding the contact tips, you need to buy everything on your own. Keep this in mind before buying this unit. 

However, they do offer you to buy the electrodes and wires from them at a reasonable price. We would recommend purchasing welding wire from the Yeswelder.

TIG Welding

This machine is ready for DC TiG welding. You can add dc tig welding. Despite that, it doesn’t come with a TIG Torch, which is very important for this process. You have to spend a few bucks here and purchase it separately to start the welding process.

In addition, this unit works only on the lift TIG technique and doesn’t support foot pedal control.

Need Your Regulator

While this Yeswelder MiG 205DS does come with a gas hose, you need to buy a gas regulator separately. A gas regulator is not included with this purchase. Hence, again you have to spend a few more bucks here.

No Welding Aluminum

If your work involves welding aluminum, then you will not like this unit that much. Firstly it can only DC tig weld. AC Tig welding is not supported. Secondly, this machine is not Spool gun ready which is important to make aluminum welding easier. 

While you can still carry out this task by putting solid aluminum wire through the wire feed system, running solid aluminum wire may work, but that would be too cumbersome. 

We will recommend not buying this unit if you need to work with aluminum consistently.

User Manual/Welding Guide

Yeswelder mig 205ds comes with a user manual. However, the instructions compiled in this guide are not very detailed or easy to comprehend for a beginner. Also, no chart is provided in the wire drive door indicating different settings for the welder. This can further confuse rookie users. 

But it is not a major issue. You can easily find out more about how to operate this efficiently on the internet.

Metric Units

You can only provide stock thickness in millimeters. It doesn’t come with any mm to inch conversion chart. You will need to carry out the conversions on your own.

Converting metric to English (u.s.) units may end up confusing people. Because the panel accepts only meter units for some things, this welder may not be your choice if you don’t use metrics. 

However, it is not a major issue. It can be addressed quickly by making your conversion sheets. You can also take advantage of the available cheat sheets provided by experienced welders.

Euro Dinse Connectors

This welder unit comes with Euro-style connections for the MIG gun. For the ground clamp, they also provide Dinse connections. It can be changed later as per your requirement.

Inverter Technology

This unit makes use of inverter technology. This technology not only helps in reducing the weight of the machine but also makes it compact. It gives out a power output of 200A, and it has a duty cycle of 60℅.

Top Features of The MIG-205DS

Synergic Welder (“Presets”)

The wire speed of the welder is automatically regulated based on voltage and amperage. You only need to manually adjust the welding preset to increase or decrease it a bit. When you do so, the volts and amps will change together and automatically adjust the wire speed. 

These welding presets help in providing minimal buttons and controls to deal with. Just care to adjust a few knobs, and you are good to go.

Arc Quality

MIG 205DS is known to deliver better quality arcs. The spatter is also very less with this welder. Also, it provides inductance settings that can be fine-tuned to adjust the arc quality of this welder.

Wire Feed System

The wire feed system of this multi-welder is made entirely of metal which is not an easy find at this price. Some of the welders make use of plastic for some parts of the feed system. But an all-metal construction is always considered better.

Ground Clamp

The ground clamp of this welder is strong and has a dinse 35 connector. It is a good deal that you get for this price.

Lift TIG

This welder comes with a lift TIG. It is quite an impressive feature that helps in making better quality welds. Lift TIG means it’s a touch start; the tungsten electrode doesn’t come in contact with the workpiece; instead, you momentarily press the tungsten to the material, and when you slowly lift it creates an arc.

2T and 4T MIG

Yeswelder MIG 205DS allows you to use two – 2T and 4T, methods for MIG welding. In 2T welding, you need to pull the trigger to start your arc and release it when you want to stop. 4T means you need to hit the trigger twice: once to begin welding and then again after a couple of seconds or so for it to continue.

Power Supply

It has dual voltage input settings. It comes with 110V and 220V capability. It comes with a plug adaptor which makes things easier.

SMAW Welding

Shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), also known as stick welding, can also be done with this welder. It comes with an electrode holder. 

But you need to buy rods on your own.

Setup Buttons

Yeswelder allows users to have total control over their welding sets-up. To help with this, the Yeswelder machines have buttons that let you independently run your equipment’s gas flow and wire feed system.  The wire feed button can run the wire feed system independently and help you to set the wire speed. Another button controls the gas setup.


The weight of this MIG 205DS unit is 33.4 pounds. It is a portable welder which can be easily carried around. It comes with a handle that further aids the user. You can work with this unit in different locations without any worries.


The price of this welder is cheaper In comparison to other welders available in the market. But as this unit provides no consumables, be ready to spend extra bucks. You will have to buy the consumables, gas regulator, and TIG torch for the TIG welding process. Keep this in your mind before purchasing this welder.

MIG-205DS vs. MIG-250 Pro

Yeswelder MIG 250 Pro is an upgraded model of the Yeswelder MIG 205DS unit. MIG 250 Pro is also a multi-welder. The price of these units doesn’t differ much. Although the MIG 250 PRO is a little more expensive, it is still in the affordable range.

Although the overall function of these two is similar, some differences do exist that sets them apart. While MIG 205DS allows both 220V and 110V power supply, the MIG 250 pro only allows 220V power input. 

The power output of the MIG 250 Pro and MIG 205DS are 250A and 200A, respectively. MIG 250 Pro can handle a ½ in mild steel in a single pass, while MIG 205DS can handle a ¼ in mild in a single pass. Aluminum welding is supported in MIG 250 Pro welder only. It comes with a Teflon liner.

In short, if you are looking for a more powerful welder which can be used for aluminum welding also, then we recommend getting the MIG 250 Pro.

What Users are Saying about the MIG-205DS

Yeswelder MIG 250 Pro has gained positive feedback from its users. It is an affordable unit that offers great quality welds. It can also be used to MIG weld aluminum.

Many of the Yeswelder reviews talked about the minimal yet easy controls of this unit. 

Among the plenty of welding machines available today, this unit is very useful for hobbyists or home welders. They can use it for mig welding, flux core, and even stick weld.

Many of the users appreciated the 60% duty cycle of this welding machine. It Is a powerful unit that can weld wire thickness up to ½ in pieces in a single pass. In short, as per customer reviews, it is a portable and inexpensive unit and worth buying.


Yeswelder MIG 205DS is indeed a worthy welding unit. It offers a variety of features at a comparatively low price. It comes with the capacity to weld MIG, flux core, and stick weld. You can also optionally use the TIG feature as well with the help of this unit. This multi-process welder allows you to work with different materials easily. On top of that, it offers a high duty cycle.

The welder settings are simpler and easier to operate in comparison to some of the other multi-process welders. The welder settings come with presets to further assist the user. Moreover, the control panel is also straightforward. Its usable control panel includes a wire feed speed button, a gas setup button, and an LCD display. However, the most notable feature of this unit is its synergic settings.

Being small in size, it is portable. And the inverter technology used in it makes it a compact machine which can be carried around easily. 

If you are new or trying to learn to weld, this could be a great welder for you. It is easy to work with and can perform different types of processes.

Many welding machines with similar features are quite expensive. But the Yeswelder MIG 205DS is a nice economical unit. It will not put much strain on your pocket and allow you to work on all of your projects.

Moreover, Yes Welder also offers good customer service. You can rely on them in case you find any default in the unit.

Talking about the drawbacks of this unit,  firstly it doesn’t come with any consumables. Most of the things, including the wires and stick electrodes, have to be bought separately. Secondly, this unit is not of much help when it comes to dealing with aluminum. It doesn’t weld aluminum and is not even spool gun-ready. But if you are experienced in this field, you can try to run aluminum wire through the wire feeder to get the work done. Nevertheless, it is a slow and cumbersome process. 

In a nutshell, if you are planning to buy a multi-process welder, then  MIG 205DS is worth considering. Although it is a fairly new welder in the market, it still provides a great welding experience. By offering so many good features, it has proved that it’s worthy of all the praise.


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