Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200 Review

If you want a simple and affordable TIG unit then Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200 can be regarded as a great choice. It has a simple user interface. The robust design and minimal setup of this unit have earned it a good name in the market. The device offers great performance and is suitable for small projects. If you are a DIY hobbyist or a small craftsman, this welder will serve well for all your projects. 

There are many other welders available in the market. But the quality and durability this Lincoln’s unit offers are unmatchable at this price. 

If you are not sure about whether it is perfect for you or not, then don’t worry, we have got you covered. 

Take a closer look at this detailed Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200 review and see if you should buy this machine or not.

Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200 Review

Recognized as a premier manufacturer of welding equipment for professionals and occasional welders alike, The Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200 welder is a versatile machine. It will last and hold up over time which makes it dependable and durable. It is a multi-process TIG and Stick welder. This welding machine provides smooth and high-quality welds. It works well with aluminum, steel, and chrome-moly. The device is known to offer high precision and better bead performance.

Talking about the size of this unit, it is a small unit( 14 in x 10.75 in x 19.25 in). This welding machine weighs 46.5 lbs only. Its small dimensions and light bodyweight makes it highly portable. You can easily carry this around. It is well-suited to be carried at different locations. 

The easy controls of this machine make it popular among beginners and small-scale fabricators. Many of the welder units come with complicated controls. This confuses the users and they find difficulty in using it. But with the Lincoln Square wave, you will never face any difficulty in operating it.

The Lincoln Square Wave is a powerful unit, yet it may not be of much help for heavy-duty applications. But this welder will work sufficiently well for light-duty tasks like your house-based welding projects,  auto bodywork, restoration works, etc.

One of the advanced features of this machine is that it is an inverter-based unit. It makes the device small in size yet powerful and highly portable. Another feature is that it is an AC DC unit. It helps to weld aluminum steel and Chromoly. 

This tig unit comes with everything you need to start welding right away. It comes with many accessories including a gas regulator, Stick electrode, Ground Clamp,  foot pedal control, a Torch ready pak, ground cable, gas hose, and two input cords. All you need additionally is to buy safety gear like welding helmets, etc and then you are good to go.

It is a strong device that can be used to tig weld different types of materials. It can also be used for welding aluminum. It works well for both thinner materials and thicker materials. 

  • Very portable because of its lightweight. 
  • Easy to use interface, suitable for beginners. 
  • Comes with AC and DC settings
  • Easy to make adjustability changes
  • Supports foot pedal
  • Versatile unit
  • Comes with a stick electrode holder to support Stick welding 
  • Comes with a lot of welding accessories 
  • Works well with aluminum, steel, and Chromoly 
  • Offers good warranty 
  • Comparatively expensive than other tig welders of the same class
  • Short duty cycle
  • Unable to alter the background amperage and time on pulse
  • Post flow gas control is not present

Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200 Features

TIG and Stick Capability

Lincoln square wave 200 is known for its versatile performance. This welder can be used for both TIG welding and Stick welding. The TIG feature helps in getting a better bead appearance. The Stick feature comes into use while dealing with thicker materials. Because of these features, this machine can be used for welding a range of materials. It is also compatible with aluminum welding. 


This TIG welder is an AC DC welding machine. AC DC welders allow us to weld different materials with great ease. AC welding can be used for aluminum. The DC TIG welding can be used for materials like stainless steel and chrome-moly.


This unit is a dual voltage welder. This means you can power it with either the household outlet of 120V or a 230V power plug. The welder has two power cords, one for each voltage, which provides easy and immediately switchable power outlets.

Simple Interface

One of the best features of the Lincoln Square Wave Tig 200 welder is the not-so-complex user-friendly design of the product. This machine offers basic controls. It has a power switch; a switch and a knob for modifying pulse, ac frequency, and ac balance; another switch to select AC/DC TIG or Stick welding process. 

Some welder units have a complex setup which ends up confusing the user. But this unit is user-friendly. Because of its comparative easy controls, it is considered one of the best welders in the market. 

AC Balance

This Lincoln Square wave Welder offers the AC balance feature as well. It can be adjusted within the range of 60 to 90% electrode negative. 

AC Frequency

The AC frequency range of this unit is 60-150 Hz. The lower frequencies support producing wide beads while the higher ones help in making narrow beads. Higher frequency provides more control in making focused beads.

Pulse Mode

The Pulse mode allows having pulsed current output rather than a constant output. It helps in making better and quicker tig weld.

When it comes to choosing the frequency of your device, you can either pick a lower setting if you want moderate filler metal deposition or a higher setting if you want to minimize distortion of your base material. If you want to be able to weld thinner sheets, opt for the higher AC frequency on your machine.

High-Frequency Start

These Lincoln  Square  Wave machines provide a High Frequency Start feature to start the arc. This aids in starting an arc in a contact-free manner. This feature helps in decreasing contamination of your material. 

One drawback of High-Frequency Start is that it can create interferences that can affect the electronic devices kept nearby.

Inverted Based Design

This unit comes with an inverter-based Design. It helps in packing more power in a compact size. This unit stores up to 200A of power and weighs 46.5 lbs only. The inverter-based welding machines are known to deliver better quality and consistent arcs.

In addition, inverter-based welding machines make the unit more portable. This gives welders the freedom to work with this welder at different locations and do outdoor work with ease. 

Who Is It Suitable For?

As discussed earlier, this welder offers simple controls and robust performance which attracts welders of all classes. But this unit is tailored for hobbyists and small fabricators. Its lightweight,  easy setup, and portable design are perfect for all small-scale projects.  

The controls of this machine are easy to comprehend. Even a complete beginner can operate this machine. Moreover, this unit comes with many accessories and equipment to further aid the user.

It can be used for completing different kinds of chores.  It is well-suited for household and auto body repair work. If you want a budget-friendly tig welder for your home or garage then look no further.  This machine will do well for most of your projects. It can be used to tig weld different materials. 

Although this unit is built for beginners,  professional users can also use it for occasional heavy-duty industrial works. It may not deliver the best but will give satisfactory results.

Where You Can Buy the Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200

There are many websites from where you can buy the Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200 unit. Many retailers offer good discounts on the purchase. Do compare different websites before buying the product to get it at the best price.

  • Online sites
  • Amazon
  • Desert Cart
  • Lincoln Electric 
  • eBay
  • Welding store

Bottom Line

The Lincoln Square Wave 200 is a small yet strong unit that can be used to weld a variety of materials. Lincoln has become a renowned name in the market. It is known for manufacturing premium quality, user-friendly and cost-effective welders. The Lincoln TIG 200 is another top-quality, yet affordable package you can count on. Although the price of this unit is a little higher than some other welders available in the market. But if you’ll push your budget a little and get this unit, you’ll never regret buying it.

It is a versatile machine. You can rely on this tool for everyday use as well as special projects. This welding machine offers great performance and assures a better experience than some of its peers. Moreover, it is suitable for everyone, including hobbyists, fabricators, and professionals. It is a great machine for carrying out small-scale activities in your home or garage. 

It has all the features required to deliver reliable performance. It ensures quality, ease, and comfort to the users. It is one of the leading products in the market and we strongly recommend getting this unit.

We hope this Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200 review proves to be of great help to you.


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