5 Best TIG Welders Under $500 – Reviews & Guide (2024)

This year of 2022 is offering you a list of the best TIG welders under $500. In my opinion, welding is an art that demands a good machine to hit the best results.

Stronger and clean welding is the demand of every professional. But, at the same time, you need to balance the other features.


Think about it that you need a perfect selection to achieve the next level of results. The good news is that we are offering you a list of affordable welders with a high frequency of features.

In this post, we have enlisted the best TIG welders that range under the price of $500.


You have read it correctly… It is under $500. Let us have a quick review of our selection.

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1-  TIG 225 High-Frequency Welder – with IGBT Inverter Technology

5 Best TIG Welders Under 0 – Reviews & Guide (2024)

Explore this multifunctional welder to use it professionally with great ease.

  • Versatile: TIG, Arc, Stick welding
  • Powerful: 225 Amps output
  • Portable: Lightweight and compact
  • Pricey: More expensive than similar models
  • Heavy: 27 lbs

Key Features You Must Know:

ProcessesTIG, Arc, Stick
Output current225 A
Duty cycle80%
Input voltage100-250 V
Start typeHigh frequency (HF)
Arc voltage65 V
TorchTIG torch included
Weight20 lbs
Dimensions16 x 6.5 x 12 inches

Use this welder for a TIG torch of greater frequency with an Arc/Stick welder. Maximize the tungsten life and enjoy the HF service that ensures the easy starting of arc up to 100%.

One good point to notice is that this TIG 225 type is very easy to use; offers no complication.

What does TIG 225 offer more?

Ensure excellent performance with its next step IGBT inverter mechanism. Weld the very thin piece with the help of 15-220 amps.

Confidently use this welder for your personal and professional use, All this is offered by its strong and comparatively lighter parts.


Voltage, current, and load fluctuation protection are offered by its automated function. Let yourself know that the results offered by this amazing welder are sound and perfect.

Be happy with the news that the temperature control is fully automated. All the systems are generator-friendly.

Enjoy the warranty time of 12-months. Any automatic problem made by this welder in this duration is bound to be fixed by the company itself.

2- HITBOX TIG Dual Voltage Welder – Small and Compact in Size

5 Best TIG Welders Under 0 – Reviews & Guide (2024)

Meet this one more amazing dual voltage welder machine to change the game.

  • Versatile: 4-in-1 (TIG, Stick, Pulse TIG, Aluminum TIG)
  • Powerful: 200A AC/DC TIG welding
  • Precise: Digital pulse control, adjustable parameters
  • Feature-rich: Hot start, anti-stick, HF ignition, 2T/4T control
  • No foot pedal included


ProcessesTIG (AC/DC, pulse, cold), Stick, Arc
Output currentAC TIG: 5-200A, DC TIG: 20-200A, MMA: 10-160A
Duty cycleAC TIG: 10-90%
Pulse frequency0.5-200Hz
Material thicknessAluminum: 0.3-4mm
Cooling systemDual fan
Safety featuresOverheating protection, Overcurrent protection
Additional featuresGas pre-flow, Gas post-flow, Current down slope, Hot start, Anti-stick, HF ignition, 2T/4T

Enjoy its MMA and TIG plus TIG functionality of this TIG200P welder. Minimize the breakdown through its IGBT technology that is good enough as compared to the MOS technique.

In addition to use-ready, portability, and smaller size are some of its amazing features.


Use the 60 percent duty cycle and complete your task with great perfection. View the readings on the digital screen of the ammeter with better ease.

Hit the best quality requirements with the help of its multi-functional profile and best frequency.


Enjoy your work with stable current and smooth arc ignition with a very good shape at the end.

What did you get additional?

Tungsten needles and accessories to switch from 110 volts to 220 volts are offered with this HITBOX welder.

Moreover, a gas tube, an earth clamp, an electrode holder, and a TIG torch are also available in the package.

Have a warranty time of 1-year, which is good enough. If you encounter any problem, let you know the company.

One good point is that you are offered to enjoy technical support for the whole life of the welder machine.

S7 Tig Welder, HF TIG/Stick/Arc TIG Welder,200 Amp 110 & 220V Dual Voltage TIG Welding Machine

5 Best TIG Welders Under 0 – Reviews & Guide (2024)

Explore another best TIG welder under $500 and get amazing results.

  • Versatile welding options (TIG/Stick/Arc).
  • Dual voltage capability (110V & 220V).
  • High Frequency Start TIG and Non-Contact Arc Initiation.
  • Portable and lightweight design.
  • Energy-efficient with automatic voltage fluctuation compensation and protection features.
  • Good customer ratings for features like light weight, value for money, and ease of use.
  • Some accessories may be of lower quality.
  • High frequency start function runs continuously during welding.
  • Some users reported issues with accessories like the TIG button retention clip and ground clamp.
  • Limited information on warranty and support.
  • Instructions may be unclear for beginners.
  • Some users experienced missing parts, such as the adapter for the outlet.


3-in-1 welderTIG/Stick/Arc welding capabilities
Versatile weldingSuitable for welding stainless steel, alloy steel, mild steel, copper, cast iron, chrome, and other non-ferrous metals
Powerful performanceHigh Frequency Start TIG and Non-Contact Arc Initiation reduce tungsten and material consumption.
Portable and convenientPortable handle and lightweight design for easy carrying
Energy efficientAutomatic compensation for voltage fluctuation, over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, over-current protection, and over-load protection.
Dual voltageRuns on both 110V and 220V input power
TIG welding thickness0.3-4.8mm
ARC welding thickness15-42mm

Enjoy the good results of the welding machine with its 80% duty cycle. TIG metal thickness of 0.3mm to 4.8mm and Arc metal thickness of 15mm to 42mm can be welded with this machine.

What metals can be welded?

Alloy steel, copper, stainless steel, mild steel, chrome, and cast iron, and other non-ferrous metals can be welded with this single welder.

Save the electricity with this strong and powerful machine. Add it to your favourite list due to its portability and smaller weight.

What will you get additional?

Find the voltage transfer plug electrode hook, an earth clamp, a TIG torch, and a welding pincer with this TIG welder.

Enjoy the warranty time of 2-years which is simply amazing. If your work is not feasible with this unit, then you can return it within one month.

4- Amico TIG welder – Comes with Dual Voltage Function

5 Best TIG Welders Under 0 – Reviews & Guide (2024)

Introduce yourself to this amazing unit offered by Amico. You can consider it as one of the top-rated TIG welder.

  • Powerful 160 amps
  • Wide voltage use
  • 80% duty cycle
  • Heavy 16 lbs
  • No digital display
  • Two plug types needed


ProcessStick Arc & Lift-TIG
Amperage160 Amps
Duty Cycle80% at 160 Amps
Electrode CompatibilityAll Electrodes: E6010 E6011 E6013 E7014 E7018 etc.
Arc Force SettingsAdjustable
TechnologyIGBT Inverter
Power Cord LengthUp to 700 feet
FunctionsHot Start, Anti-Stick, Arc Force, Current Intensity Control, Voltage Protection
Package IncludesMachine, Power Cord, Electrode Holder, Ground Clamp, 230V to 110V Adapter

Inspire others with your work by this powerful multi-functional welder. It offers you 2 in one feature that includes TIG/STICK/ARC.

Weld 3/8 inches of various metals that include cast iron, mild steel, alloy steel, copper, stainless steel, and chrome.

Use it for the typical welding purpose with great ease.

Do you want to know more?

Receive a very stable arc by its amazing power source. Have a faster response by the smaller workpiece. Use its dynamic functionality to win the game.

Now, make the arc more or less hard with great ease. Actually, IGBT DC inverter technology is behind the scene to give all the amazing results.


Enjoy its next-level inverter profile and have amazing results. Have perfect welding results to almost zero mess.

Switch from one voltage to another, from a single power supply. This dual voltage is in control of you.

What secondary parts you will get?

Receive a 13 feet cable, work clamp, electrode holder, and a voltage transfer plug, in addition to the manual.

Have a warranty time of one year and claim with confidence any arising issues.

5- Campbell Hausfeld Arc Stick Welder – with Handles for Easy Portability

5 Best TIG Welders Under 0 – Reviews & Guide (2024)

Campbell Hausfeld is offering you one unit of a good kind. Use it and hit the highest level of perfection.

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Dual heat settings for versatility
  • Smooth, easy-starting arc
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Good for small repairs/hobby welding
  • Low duty cycle (20% at 50A)
  • Only welds up to 1/8” material
  • Short 6ft cable length
  • Lower amperage capacity (max 70A)


Power Source115V AC/DC
Output Current70 Amps
Duty Cycle20% @ 50A
Material Thickness18-gauge to 1/8 inch
Electrode Size1/16″ or 5/64″ recommended
Cable Length6 feet
Special FeaturesDual heat settings, Portable, Thermal overload protection
Included AccessoriesWelding shield, Hammer/brush, Starter pack of electrodes, Quick start guide
Warranty5-year limited warranty

Give yourself a good convenience offered by this unit by the availability of handles. That makes it very easy to lift up or carry anywhere.

Have a strong grip on the heat setting. This feature is dual in function fit for smaller repair or simple welding as a hobby.

You can say that it is not only portable but easy to use, also.

What are the additional features?

Bypass the overheating by the overheat protection profile. Plus, ensure the smooth arc and easy start with the transformer.

Get ready to complete your project with confidence and faster speed. Give the power to your welder at 115 volts.


This unit is excellent for shop and home purposes. Weld the mild steel or stainless steel. Their thickness may vary between 18 gauges – 1/8″.

What accessories are in the box?

In addition to the welding unit, you will get a manual guide, electrodes, welding shield, and a brush or hammer.

Be happy with the news that Campbell Hausfeld offers you the longest warranty time that is 5-years.

That’s amazing!

How to Get the Best TIG Welding machine Under $500

While considering the tig welder under 500$, you must be looking for the qualities of welders. Many factors bring effective changes in your choice.

What can make your choice perfect must include the following qualities:

Most of the cheaper products provide you with a lower warranty range.

If you are spending a few bucks on a product, make sure that it will create a mess in the future.

However, on the other hand, you can get a good product under $500 if you are searching for a tig welder.

Besides, this package will not complete all your requirements. You have to pay a hefty amount for all that you need!

Still, the tig welder less than $500 comes with a 1 to 2 years warranty.

The period can extend up to three years if you are ready to pay a good amount.

This is not the end, you must check the quality of the product as well as the facilities they are providing to you.

Storage and portability convenience

The larger products cannot be categorized as portable welders. Therefore, for professional use, you must have a welder that is easy to move.

A good tig welder under $500 can up to 50 to 60 pounds. On the other hand, the portable friendly welder is about 20 to 30 pounds.

Additionally, keep in mind that portable welder usually comes with durable and large handles. It allows you to carry the welders securely

The portable welders are usually powered with the help of a generator.

Easy to operate

Most of the welders come with a complicated handling system. Before buying the weather make sure that the features are user-friendly and easy to understand.

Also, keep in mind that most of the welders come with a clear LCD readout display so that you can have a better version of your working process.

Make sure that the operating panel must consist of reliable keys or buttons. Most of the operating panel these days comes with a touchpad.

However, you can also make use of the manual in order to understand the operation of the device.

It must have a dual voltage option

The general fact is that if you are searching for the best tig welder under $500, you will surely use it for your portable work.

In this regard, your product must have dual voltage options including 110 and 220 volts systems.

On the other hand, if you need the welder to use a single place, it can be supported with a single voltage input as well.

However, we suggest you get a dual voltage option in order to avoid any issues in the future.

Go for the latest technologies

With the advancement in technologies, the companies are bringing innovations in the tig welders.

In general, they have added new features to enhance the quality measurements and avoid the hassle of adjusting the device.

However,  a budget control product cannot equip all the features, a new product can have!

For instance, a tig welder can come with  IGBT technology that allows you to switch between different controlling programs at once.

On the other hand, it can have inverter technology that can save your money with lesser operational costs. This one is a good plan for your future.

The other features might include an automatic voltage consumption option with an automated system.

So, try to grab the best tig welder below $500 to be safe from any future issues.


Which one is the best welder for money?

All the above-mentioned products have their values and pros. However, choosing the one is difficult, still, we vote for the HITBOX TIG welder.

Which one is the cheapest tig welder?

If you are looking for an economical product, you must go with Amico in terms of best services. All the products from this company are amazing in use.

Can we tig weld without using a shielding gas?

If you are not using any shielding gas, you have to burn tungsten, which makes the welding material contaminated. So, you must use 100% argon as for better results.

What are the most popular 120v welders for sale?

The most popular 120v welders for sale online are inverter welders from brands like Everlast, AHP, YESWELDER, and Forney. These 120v inverter welders provide clean, stable arc welding for hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts on a budget. Top picks include the Everlast PowerARC 140 and AHP AlphaTIG 200X.

What amperage do I need for welding projects?

The amperage you need depends on the welding process and thickness/type of metal you are working with. For light sheet metal up to 1/8 inch, a 120v welder with 60-140 amps will suffice. Heavier welding projects up to 1/2 inch steel require 170-200+ amps. For industrial welding applications, you would need a higher voltage 230/460v welder with 200 amps or greater output.

What are the most common types of welding?

The most common types of welding are MIG, TIG, flux-cored, and stick (SMAW). MIG (GMAW) uses a wire feed welder to continuously feed electrode wire paired with shielding gas for high quality welds on thinner metals. TIG (GTAW) allows for extremely precise welds on metals like stainless steel and aluminum. Flux-cored welding is a wire feed process sans shielding gas. Stick welding uses manual electrodes coated in flux to create versatile arc welds.

What features should I look for when choosing a welder?

Key features to look for are amperage capability, duty cycle rating, number of welding processes available, portability, and cost. Consider what metals you will weld, their thickness, desired finish quality, welding environment, power requirements and your budget. Prioritize weld versatility, quality, and reliability over bells and whistles.

How can I get set up with welding equipment as a beginner?

As a beginner, opt for an affordable multi-process welder bundle kit that includes a helmet, gloves, ground clamp, electrodes/wire, and other essential accessories alongside the machine itself. Everlast, Forney and YESWELDER all offer welder packages for beginners with everything you need to start welding for under $500. Invest in a quality auto-darkening helmet and closed-toe leather boots for safety.

Final Words

We have critically analyzed the consumer reviews and ended up with a list of best TIG welders under $500. All the welders discussed above are very flexible with features, including the ability to weld aluminum with precision. Multiple kinds of TIG welders, such as stick and TIG, are available in the market, providing versatility for various welding projects. You can pick the one according to your demand and feasibility, considering factors like AC or 220V power compatibility, the inclusion of a foot pedal for precise control, and high-frequency options for improved arc stability.

Always do consider your budget along with your requirements and then go through the final pick. Additionally, take note of consumables needed for the welding process and the overall price range, ensuring that the chosen TIG welder aligns with your long-term needs.

Give your feedback in the comments and let us know your choice. Whether you prioritize a MIG welder, foot pedal control, or specific power requirements like AC or 220V, we value your input.

Thank you.

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