Hobart Handler 140 MIG Welder Review - Should you Buy It?

Hobart is a known name among welders and is reputable in manufacturing top quality products. Hobart 140 MIG welder is yet another popular product of this company. It is a compact sized welder ideal for carrying out home based chores.

If you’re looking for a small, low-cost welder to carry out your DIY projects, Hobart 140 MIG can be the right fit for you. It’s a powerful mig welder which ensures top quality welds.

Check out the complete article to get the Hobart Handler 140 review details and a description of its features, pros, and cons. 

Hobart Handler 140 MIG Welder Review - Should you Buy It?

Hobart Handler 140 Review – Detailed

The Hobart Handler 140 is a small MIG welder. Its design is apt for carrying out light duty activities such as auto body repair, restoration, and simple household chores. The weight of this welder is 57 pounds which can easily be worked with. Its lightweight makes this welding machine portable and easier to use at different locations.

This 140 welder requires an input voltage of 110V and delivers 140 amps of power. The duty cycle of his unit is 20% at 90 amps. Though 20% is not enough to impress professional welders, it is ample for home based mig welders. 

This Hobart 140 welder can be used for welding stainless steel and aluminum. This machine is versatile enough to weld thicker steel materials as well. It can weld up to ¼in material thickness. With its help, you can easily carry out the repair, restoration, and maintenance works for your home, shop, farm, or garage. 

Hobart Handler 140 comes with a gas regulator and gas hose, 5 position voltage control settings, a power cord, an owner’s manual, material thickness gauge,  quick release drive roll, thermal overload, and output overload protection and provides excellent arc performance. 

Hobart welder features come with a 5/3/1 years warranty so that you can weld without any fear. And also, use your welder for a long time.

  • Works well with materials up to 1/4 inch
  • The compact size makes it highly portable. 
  • Easy to set up and use, making it apt for freshers
  • It comes with a user manual.
  • Provides excellent quality welds and enhanced arc performance 
  • It can be used to weld stainless steel and aluminum. 
  • Produces less spatter during the weld
  • Backed by a strong warranty 
  • Short duty cycle 
  • Wire feed doesn’t work consistently. 
  • You have to buy a gas cylinder to start working 

Video Overview

Who is it suitable for?

The Hobart 140 MIG welder features simple controls and great portability.  Therefore, it is best suited for beginner welders or hobbyists.  It’s a powerful welder and gives a smooth arc welding experience.  It can be helpful for DIY welding projects, auto bodywork, and metal art.

Although it’s powerful enough for small to medium welding projects, it won’t be suitable for heavy-based projects.

What You Should Know Before Buying The Hobart 140

Duty Cycle

The duty cycle of this welding machine is 20% @ 90A, which is pretty short. The low duty cycle of this device hinders it from coming into industrial or heavy duty use. However,  it is adequate for home welders to work on small projects. 

The Hobart Handler 140 can be used to weld mild steel up to ¼ inches. It is more than enough for home usage. However, if you want to weld materials over ¼ inches, you can look for more upgraded Handlers. 


While you do get a few consumables in the box, you will still need to buy a gas cylinder and some solid wire before you can start MIG welding. You can easily get the gas cylinder and the wires from your local supplier. 

This unit comes with some consumables to help you get started right away. But to start MIG welding, you’ll need to buy additional equipment. You will have to purchase solid wires and a gas bottle to mig weld.


This welding unit is not very suitable for aluminum welding.  Firstly, it can weld a small range of aluminum pieces. Second, this welding machine is not spool gun ready. 

Therefore, while this welder can make aluminum welds, it is not designed to work frequently on aluminum with varying thicknesses.

CO2/Miller Regulator

It comes with a brass gas regulator and gas hose of Miller’s with dual gauge. It works for one hundred percent argon, which is a common gas used for welding. However, it is not a right fit for carbon dioxide. You can exchange this gas repair if you want to work with hundred percent carbon dioxide.

Work Clamp

The work clamp that comes with this unit is comparatively small as compared to others. Hence we recommend you to exchange this and buy a new work clamp if you are fine with the expenses.

Top Features that Make The Hobart 140 Great

 Price/Performance Ratio

Hobart handler 140 is available at an affordable and not so expensive price. You can purchase this welder right away if you don’t want to spend too many bucks. For the number of benefits this mig welder offers, the price of this unit is reasonable. This pocket-friendly welder is powerful enough and will provide smooth performance for all of your DIY projects. Moreover, it also comes with a lengthy Hobart warranty. With the help of this, the cost of repairing and replacing the damaged parts gets reduced.


The weight of Hobart Handler 140 is 57 lbs only. Its lightweight makes this unit enormously portable. The small dimensions of the unit further increase its portability and make it easy to handle. You can easily carry this welder to distant work sites without much hassle.

But we recommend getting a cartwheel if you have to move the machine frequently to different sites.

Wire Feed Mechanism 

The wire feed system of the Handler 140 has received a good reception from the users. It is simple to use and reliable. It has an all metal construction system. On top of that, you can change the rollers without the help of any tools. You can easily do the same with your hands. This makes it helpful for a beginner user.

Ease of Use

The Hobart 140 mig welder has an easy to use design. The control panel has a power switch, a wire speed control knob, and  5 position voltage control knob. You need to provide it. The power supply of 110V, and then you are good to go. Its amperage rate is 90 amps. You can start using this machine right after your purchase within the first hour.

This mig welder comes with a user guide for beginners. In addition, with the help of this welder, the task of changing the roller size becomes trivial. You can easily change the wires with your hands without using any tools.

The simple interface and clear-cut controls make this unit immensely popular among welders.


Hobart is well known to offer its products a solid warranty to ensure maximum benefits to the customers.

The Hobart 140 Handler also comes with 5/3/1 years warranty. It proves beneficial when any of the parts get damaged or broken. In such cases, a strong warranty plan reduces the repair cost of the unit. 

Protection Circuits

The Hobart 140 Mig Welder has some of the best safety features of any product in its class, such as protection against output overload and overheating problems. The device also has a light indicator on its control panel, which shows up if it gets overheated. In this case, the machine automatically stops and restarts only when it’s completely cooled down.  In the case of output overload, the circuit protection causes the breaker to slip, preventing the device from getting damaged. Plus, it also safeguards the wire drive motors against any sort of damage and defect.

What do other users say about the Hobart Handler 140

The Hobart 140 has got good reviews from its customers and has gained the title of being the best welder among its class.

Most users liked the value they got for the price. This welder earned great response for being a simple yet powerful welder who can produce good beads. 

According to its users, this machine is excellent for welding steel and aluminum for their small DIY projects, automotive repair, maintenance work, making metal arts, etc. 

Its users also appreciate the robust warranty of the Hobart Handler 140. Many of the customers shared their responses on the retailing websites about how they exchanged the damaged or defective parts of the product with relative ease. 

Alternatives To Consider

Alternatives Hobart Handler 140 MIG

Table of Comparison vs. Competitors

Here’s a comparison table between the Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG Welder and the Eastwood 135 Amp MIG Welder:

FeatureHobart Handler 140 MIGEastwood MIG 135
Amperage Range25-140 amps25-135 amps
Voltage Control5-position selectorInfinite control
Wire Feed Speed Range40-700 IPM, 50-740 IPM at no load40-450 IPM
Duty Cycle20% duty cycle @ 90 Amps, 19V20% @ 90 amps
Material CompatibilitySteel, Stainless Steel and AluminumMild steel, stainless steel, aluminum (with spool gun)
Maximum Material Thickness (MIG)Not specified3/16 inch
Maximum Material Thickness (Flux Core)1/4 inch1/4 inch
Wire Spool Size4 inch, 8 inch4 inch, 8 inch
Wire Thickness Range0.023-0.035 inch0.023-0.035 inch
Weight57 lbs56 lbs
Dimensions19 x 11 x 13 inches16.1 x 9.5 x 14.5 inches
Warranty5-year limited warranty3-year warranty
ConstructionAll-metal (steel, stainless steel, aluminum)All-metal

Based on the specifications provided, the Hobart Handler 140 MIG and the Eastwood MIG 135 have similar features and capabilities, with a few notable differences:

  1. Amperage Range: The Hobart Handler 140 MIG has a slightly higher maximum amperage range of 140 amps compared to 135 amps for the Eastwood MIG 135.
  2. Voltage and Wire Feed Speed Control: The Eastwood MIG 135 offers infinite voltage control and wire feed speed control, which may provide more precise adjustments compared to the Hobart’s 5-position voltage control.
  3. Duty Cycle: The Eastwood MIG 135 specifies a 20% duty cycle at 90 amps, while the Hobart Handler 140 MIG does not provide this information.
  4. Material Compatibility: The Eastwood MIG 135 explicitly lists compatibility with mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum (with a spool gun), while the Hobart Handler 140 MIG does not specify material compatibility.
  5. Warranty: The Hobart Handler 140 MIG has a longer 5-year limited warranty compared to the Eastwood MIG 135’s 3-year warranty.
  6. Construction: The Hobart Handler 140 MIG is described as having an all-metal construction with steel, stainless steel, and aluminum components, which may contribute to its durability.

Overall, both welders seem to be capable and suitable for MIG and flux-core welding, with the Eastwood MIG 135 offering more precise control options and material compatibility information, while the Hobart Handler 140 MIG has a slightly higher amperage range and a longer warranty period. The choice between the two may depend on specific user preferences and requirements, such as the need for precise control, material compatibility, or warranty coverage.

Where to buy The Hobart 140

The Hobart Handler 140 unit can be purchased from any of the following mentioned websites. Always check and compare different retailers to get the maximum discount on the product.

  • Amazon
  • Tractor Supply
  • Northern Tool
  • Grainger

Alternatives to Consider

If you want to look out for other welders like the Hobart Handler 140, read below to find suitable alternatives to the Handler 140 machine.

Hobart Handler 140  vs Eastwood 135 MIG Welder

The Eastwood 135 MIG welder is a good beginner friendly and cost effective welder. It comes in handy mostly for automotive repair works but can be used for other non-industrial applications.

Both Hobart 140 and Eastwood 135 welders offer similar features, but Hobart 140 has the edge because of its lengthy warranty service.

Hobart Handler 140 vs Lincoln Easy MIG 140

Lincoln is one of the brands famous for manufacturing premium quality welders. The Lincoln Easy MIG 140 is a great little welding device for small and medium DIY projects at home or garage.

Like Hobart 140, Lincoln MIG 140 is also portable, easy to use, and user friendly. Though for aluminum welding Lincoln’s unit is more suitable than the Hobart 140.


No doubt the Handler 140 Mig is one the best quality products available in the market. It is a perfect fit for light duty work and can be used with much ease. However, it’s not capable of working on frequent heavy duty jobs due to its short duty cycle. But you can use it for such jobs once in a while.

It offers versatility, simplicity, and comfort to its users. Easy to use settings make it convenient to be used by non-professional welders.  Moreover, its owner’s manual makes things simpler for beginners. 

The small dimensions of the device and a mere weight of 57 pounds enhance its mobility. Hobart also provides the device with a handle to further improve its portability of the device.

One of the drawbacks of this unit is that its aluminum weld capacity is very limited. While it works well enough to weld stainless steel, it can weld a minimal range of aluminum pieces. It is not even spool gun ready. If we keep its downside with aluminum aside, this can be a good, ready-to-use welder. Just plug its power cord, provide the required input voltage and start welding out.

The price of the device is also cheap compared to others and comes with an enticing warranty service from Hobart. 

In short, if you want a powerful welding device that gives a smooth arc and lasts long, then consider buying this unit right away.


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