Hobart Handler 190 MIG Welder Review

The Handler 190 welder has been built with ease of use in mind. It is a machine for welders looking to be versatile in their work while doing it easily. 

This machine is versatile, powerful, and easy to use, even for rookie welders who want to enhance their skills. The simplicity and reliability of this machine is the reason for its popularity among the welders. 

Hobart Handler 190 MIG Welder Review

The Hobart 140 was the predecessor of the Hobart Handler  190 model. This unit has surpassed the earlier unit in terms of performance.

To get a better idea of the product,  read the detailed  Hobart Handler 190 review given below. Consider reading this review before buying the product to get acquainted with its advantages and disadvantages. 

Hobart Handler 190 in a Nutshell

Hobart Handler 190 MIG Welder Review

The Hobart Handler 190 is a small and reliable mig welder. It is useful for welding mild steel,  stainless steel, and aluminum. 

It has seven voltage selection control settings and wire speed control. Additionally, it offers minimal post weld clean and essential spatter. 

This welder has been manufactured to do light duty tasks and small DIY projects. . The machine is ideal for construction work, automotive work, and maintenance work for your several projects at home or small metal workshops. Though it is not the right fit for heavy-duty applications, it can sometimes be used for industrial chores. 

This welder is lightweight, making it a portable device. A generator power source can also be used to operate the Handler 190. Its wire feed speed, which can be adjusted easily with the help of the knob, is between 40 – 700 IPM. The complete unit consists of a mig gun, dual gauge regulator, a gas hose, spool gun, spool adapter,  work cable, power cord, and owner’s manual.

This welder can also weld aluminum. It comes with a spool gun which makes the task of welding aluminum easy. 

The best feature of Hobart Handler 190 is its simple design and minimal controls. This makes it perfect for beginner welders who want to work on small welding projects. Its simplicity sets it apart from other welders on the market.

The safety features of this device are also top notch. It comes with an automatic wire drive motor and self-resetting thermal overload protection. Along with all this, Hobart offers a strong 5/3/1 warranty on this device. Now, what else is left now to ask?

  • Hobart Handler 190 has a simple setup and is   beginners friendly 
  • It makes cleaner and better looking welds
  • It is a well built welding machine at a great price
  • It comes with SpoolRunner 100 spool gun
  • Can weld a range of different materials 
  • Easy to change voltage settings 
  • Infinite wire speed for better performance 
  • Protects against thermal overload
  • It comes with an automatic wire drive motor protection 
  • Compact and lightweight body, highly portable 
  • A generator power source can be used to operate this machine
  • It comes with a user guide 
  • Offers strong warranty 
  • It doesn’t offer dual voltage input 
  • Not much help for industrial applications 

Who Is It Suitable For?

The Hobart Handler 190 Welder is intended for home use or hobbyists. It’s powerful for intermittent heavy-duty chores as well. But it works best for non-industrial usage. 

This welder is designed to provide ease to its users. It comes with simple controls and requires minimal setup before getting to work. It’s very dependable for both new and old welders, making a great first welder for starting. 

The compact design of the welder enables great portability. You can handle the machine easily and also move it around.

Ideal for:

  •   Construction work
  •   Auto body repair
  •   Maintenance and restoration work
  •   DIY projects
  •   Metal art



This welder is not very heavy and its weight is 68 pounds only.  The lightweight of this welder makes it reasonably easy to move to different locations. It also has a strong handle which further makes it easier to carry around.

Overall the unit is relatively light. But getting a cartwheel would be best to move it around very easily. Getting a cartwheel is highly recommended if your work requires it to be carried around frequently.


The Hobart Handler 190 welder works on an input power of 230 V. You can adjust its voltage settings with 7 options with the help of a knob switch. This makes the task of voltage control very simple. This unit also has infinite wire control features. These features help provide better performance and produce fine quality welds. It offers power output between the 25A to 190 A range.

Moreover, the ability to change voltage controls easily helps in minimizing spatter. Now you can focus on your welding, setting aside the fear of making your work area dirty.

Duty Cycle

The duty cycle of this machine is 30% at 130 amps. Its duty cycle is not that impressive for professional mig welders. However, it will work well for hobbyists.

Easy to use Interface

The frontal structure of this machine has a minimalistic design and is user friendly. It comprises a control switch, a seven voltage selection knob, and a knob for wire speed control of the device. 

The welder also has an instruction manual printed on it that can help you further. 

The Hobart Handler 190 comes with a SpoolRunner 100 spool gun which is useful for welding aluminum. With the help of this spool gun, aluminum mig welding becomes easy.

This unit comes with a groove drive roll system. The dual groove drive roll enables users to change welding wire instantly.

The quick select drive roll lever lets users choose between flux cored wires and various cable gauges.


This welder has an inbuilt contractor, which helps keep the welding wire electrically cold when the machine is not on. It remains in the same manner until you resume welding again. 

It also has a short circuit protection system. This helps in keeping devices safe from current overload. Without this, your device can get severely damaged.

Self resetting thermal overload protection of the device safeguards it when it gets overheated after continuous use.

In addition, the self resetting motor protection system safeguards the overloading of the wire feed system.

All these safety features protect the device and make it last longer.

Compatible Wires

The following sizes can be used for your Hobart Handler 190:

  • 0.023 – 0.035 in. solid wire
  •  0.030 – 0.045 in. flux-cored wire
  • 0.030 – 0.035 in. aluminum wire


The Hobart 190 is the most versatile machine of its class. It can handle mild steel, stainless steel, regular aluminum, and Flux core steel.

It comes with a spool gun which comes in handy while making aluminum welds.

Its wire feed speed control mechanism is also very smooth, which helps make quality beads,, with relative ease. In addition,  it makes changeovers effortless because it doesn’t need tools for this process.

What should you expect in the Hobart Handler 190 box?

  • Handler Handler 190 welding machine
  • 10ft HR-100 gun
  • A work cable with the clamp
  • User Manual printed with installation and operation instructions 
  • SpoolRunner 100 spool gun
  • a dual-gauge regulator and a gas hose
  • Power cord that comes with a plug
  • Welding guide and material thickness gauge 

Note: Shielding gas and safety equipment are not included.

Where You Can Buy the Hobart Handler 190

Following are some of the notable retailers that sell the Hobart Handler 210 MVP:

  • Northern Tool
  • Blain’s Farm & Fleet
  • Amazon
  • Tractor Supply

Alternative Consideration

Hobart Handler 190 vs Lincoln 180

The Lincoln 180 and the Hobart 190 are pretty similar welders offering similar features. 

The machines differ quite a lot from one another regarding output – Hobart 190 edging the Lincoln 180 by offering better performance in terms of finer settings. 

Lincoln 180 is built to handle more heavy-duty duty applications. While Handler 190 specializes in handling light duty applications. Moreover, Lincoln 18 can weld more metal in a single pass than the Handler 190 model.

In terms of weight, the Hobart 190 is slightly heavier than the Lincoln 180.

Hobart Handler 187 vs 190

The Handler 190 is just the Handler 187 with a spool gun circuitry added. The Handler 190 is the updated version of handler 187 that was remastered to perform better with an arc and has been altered in such a way to be able to avoid losing any of its built-in features. 

There is not much difference in the performance of the two machines.  However, the slightly better performance of the Handler 190 makes it a better choice in the market.

The Handler 190’s advantage over the 187 is that the arc performance is much better.

Hobart Handler 190 vs Millermatic 180

The MillerMatic 180 and the Handler 190 both have similar characteristics when it comes to their features. They both have similar mig gun, spool hub, and fan. 

When it comes to their performance, Hobart Handler stands as a better option. It produces a better arc and less spatter.

Hobart 140 vs. Hobart Handler 190

The Hobart Handler 190 is the updated version of Handler 140. Handler 190 comes with a higher duty cycle than the 140. In addition, it has a 7-position voltage switch versus the 5-position on the 140.

Moreover, Handler 190 gives better results with high quality welds and is a more powerful device. They both are backed by strong warranty. 

Hobart is famous for offering top-performing welders. So if you buy any of these welders, you will be assured of great performance and quality welds. But we recommend getting the Handler 190.


If you need to weld small to medium-sized projects or if you are going to do repairs around the house or on your garage, then Hobart Handler 190 is a good choice.

It is a good light duty, low cost mig welding machine. This unit has small dimensions and a compact design, which makes it easier to carry. It is not that bulky and can be handled comfortably. 

Moreover, its infinite wire speed mechanism and automatic thermal and output overload protection ensure the device’s smooth functioning.

It’s simple to control ensures you face no difficulty in operating this device. With its help, you can easily weld mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum for your DIY welding projects.

It might cost a light more than the other welders in the market with the same properties. But if you are ready to spend a few bucks more, buy Hobart’s 190. Its premium quality will ensure you don’t regret this purchase.


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