How to Replace Rocker Panels Without Welding (8 Easy Tips)

How to replace sills without welding is a matter of intense research, as everyone knows that car sills tend to attract rust due to their steel body. Once the corrosion starts, it cannot be stopped and will spread all over the body of the car. Therefore, it is a wise decision to replace the rocker panel before it affects the entire frame.

But how to do it?

Swivel panels can be replaced with a welder, but what would you do if you didn’t have a welder.

We have listed ways to alternate the kingpin panels without welding them. Yes, this task can be accomplished without a welder.

Let’s take a look at his step-by-step guide.

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Replacement of threshold panels without welding

First, let’s tell you what a rocker panel is.

How to Replace Rocker Panels Without Welding (8 Easy Tips)


The turn panel is an integral part of the truck that sits between the wheels under the passenger door. It is a steel part that forms the main frame of the truck body.

Before proceeding to the procedure, let us inform you that the replacement of sills without welding is also called overlay welding or weldless replacement..

Before starting the process, get the following tools. So, you need to have the following for a successful replacement.

  • Metal brush
  • Electric drill
  • Hammer
  • Rust inhibitor formula
  • Adhesive material
  • Angle grinder

There is no doubt that it is not easy but possible to perform this replacement process without welding machine. Various trucks of very famous brands also utilize the replacement system.

If you have a truck, go and check the sills. If you encounter rust, try to replace it right away or the entire body will soon suffer.

How to replace thresholds without welding

There are a few quick steps you need to follow for a successful replacement. Follow these step-by-step instructions:

Step 1. Remove the rusty part.

The first and foremost requirement is to get rid of the affected area. For this process, you will need an angle grinder. You will need five blades for this step.

If you find that the truck door and sill panel have extended outward, it is best to cut off most of the panel. This is followed by properly securing the new slip-on in place.

Step 2: Clean off rust and chip residue.

Rust removal is the most important step and the accuracy of the following procedure depends on it. Using a hammer and a tire iron, remove any remaining rust in the area under the door.

In the event, 

If you fail to remove all the major rust marks, your truck body may face the same problem again in a very short time. We know it’s a tough job, so give yourself enough time to perform this step to its requirements.

Step 3. Sand off the remaining rust.

How to Replace Rocker Panels Without Welding (8 Easy Tips)

After you’ve cleaned off all the stubborn rust, finish the surface with a sander with 50 grit disks.

At this point.

Check that the new panel is properly attached at the appropriate location by placing it there. Make sure there are no bends or other factors on the edge that may prevent it from being properly secured..

Step 4. Install the hooks to secure.

How to Replace Rocker Panels Without Welding (8 Easy Tips)

Make sure you’ve removed all the stubborn rust, apply the hooks to adjust the new rocker panel. Keep in mind that these hooks must be attached with an adhesive material, as a welder is not used here..

Step 5. Paint the body with a rust inhibitor.

Coat all bare metal with a rust inhibitor. You can use an anti-rust paint for this purpose. This trick will prevent rust from reappearing in the future.

As an expert, we are giving you a free trip to paint the rear surface of your new rocker with anti-corrosion paint. This will reduce any remaining chances of corrosion re-developing.

Step 6. Mark the holes.

How to Replace Rocker Panels Without Welding (8 Easy Tips)

To attach the new rocker panel, mark the location and make holes there, resting on your hand with a drill press. Keep in mind that these spaces must be equal. Usually two inches is sufficient, but this spacing may vary depending on the shape required.

Most importantly….

The crown must be exactly where it should be when drilling, or the new crown will not be accurately adjusted. You can use clamps for this purpose or get help from someone else.

Step 7. Smooth the edges of the drilled holes.

To give it a professional look and prevent the metal from protruding, smooth the edge. For this purpose, you can use a bolt cutter with a flat disk attached.

Step 8. Install the new rocker panel.

At this point, you can adjust the new rocker panel in the appropriate location. To ensure accuracy, start in the middle and move to the edge, using a hammer as a support.


You can paint it in your desired color or call in a professional for a nicer finish at the end.

Congratulations! You have done everything successfully.

Your truck now has a whole new look.

Final words

We discussed how to replace threshold panels without welding, since most people don’t like having welders. We concluded that it is not an easy process to follow.

In fact,

The main reason for this search is that people do not know the exact procedure for replacing sill panels without welding.

We have discussed all the important steps to continue this practice. We hope you have gotten a clear understanding of how to replace a threshold panel without welding.


Can I use this method on any car?

While the general steps are applicable, specific procedures may vary depending on the car model and the extent of rust damage.

What type of adhesive should I use?

Choose a high-strength, two-part epoxy specifically designed for automotive applications.

How long will the repair last without welding?

The longevity depends on the quality of preparation, materials used, and exposure to elements. Welded repairs generally last longer but require specialized equipment and skills.

Can I paint the new panel myself?

Yes, with proper preparation and paint for automotive use. Consider professional painting for a seamless finish.

How hard is it to replace rocker panels without welding?

While not impossible, replacing rocker panels without welding is more challenging than using a welder. It requires careful preparation, specific tools, and patience.

What is the cheapest way to fix rusted rocker panels?

The cheapest option might not be the most durable. However, using rust inhibitor, sanding, and applying filler patches can be temporary fixes.

Do you have to weld slip-on rocker panels?

No, slip-on panels are designed to be attached using adhesives or rivets, eliminating the need for welding.

How do you repair sheet metal without welding?

Adhesive bonding: Strong epoxy or panel adhesives can bond panels together.
Riveting: Rivets provide a secure mechanical connection.
Bolting: Bolts offer a removable and adjustable option.
Patching: Damaged areas can be cut out and replaced with new sheet metal, then bonded or riveted in place.

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